About Me

In June 2012 I retired after 10 years as an Elementary School Principal for the School District of North Vancouver. As an educator, I was particularly interested and engaged in inquiry-based learning, learning through the arts, inclusive education, and building healthy and kind communities of learning. I taught and provided leadership throughout the education system in Special Ed/Gifted Ed., K to 10 classrooms, and Teacher Ed at SFU as a Faculty Associate and Program Coordinator.

Following my dream to become an art therapist, I began my studies as an art therapy student with the Vancouver Art Therapy Institute (VATI) in July 2012. In December 2013 I earned my post-graduate diploma in art therapy (DVATI). My residence and art studio are located in Colwood, B.C., easily accesible to residents of Victoria’s West Shore.

I have always believed in the resilience and courage of the human spirit, our ability to create change in our lives, and our need for compassion and connection. My work as an educator and art therapist with children and adults – special needs, stroke survival, trauma, anxiety, mental health and addictions, life transitions and wellness – has only strengthened this belief.

Alannah MacPhail, B.A.(Psych), B.Ed., DVATI