Art Journaling – Why Bother?

I started my first Art Journal as an assignment in my training as an Art Therapist. It was the place I went to at the end of every day as I tried to make sense of the daily challenges and pain experienced by my clients and my role as a therapist. Later, I incorporated art journaling into my therapeutic practice and today I teach art journaling workshops in my studio and artist collective to those interested or simply curious.

Over the years, I have found an art journal to be a safe, nonjudgmental “place/space” to:

  • lay down one’s feelings be they fleeting or habitual; dark or bright;
  • make space for images that bring clarity or solace or even surprise wisdom;
  • work out complicated emotions and thoughts and then let go;
  • transform negative thinking into healthy resilience;
  • practice and play with art processes and techniques;
  • paint with fingers, hands, sponges, brushes, …..;
  • leave a page incomplete to be revisited another time;
  • share with another – or not.

My art journal is like a trusted friend. It documents and records, questions, stands by silently, supports, challenges my assumptions, and lets me have my say. My art journal is a transformative learning tool… a record of my growth and ongoing transformation as a human being, as a woman, as a friend and family member, as an artist.

My art journal uncovers the sunshine behind the clouds and I love it!

Art Journal page – Self portrait, mixed media – December 2016

Do you art journal?

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