2022 Women’s Art Therapy Support Group participant: “I’ll take this opportunity to tell you that I’ve enjoyed the sessions immensely. I’m quite bittersweet that they are coming to a close already. I really appreciated your calm and steadfast guidance, and your ability to draw us (no pun intended) out and into this process. You’ve taught me something very valuable, I have no doubt about that. Thank you, Alannah!” (C.C. 2022)

“Alannah recently hosted a painting program at the Gorge where the residents, over three one hour sessions, created a painting that was then shown in an artistic showcase.

She is a skilled instructor and provided one-on-one support as needed. Alannah has a calm demeanor and focuses on creating relationships with the residents and addresses seniors in a respectful manner. The residents thoroughly enjoyed her classes and are still talking about how much fun they had being creative.” – M.F. (Amica on the Gorge) March 2020

“I wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying the art class. I was thinking this last night.  I literally feel like I was called to take your course. In just the 2 classes I have experienced SUCH JOY, relaxation, and the opportunity to be reflective— it has been transformative for me. When i walked into work this morning someone said “you look so HAPPY” and i said “I know, it’s my art class”. Thank you for being such an amazing mentor and facilitator in my life.”   – A. C.,  2016/2017

“This is my testimonial to one of the nicest most unique people I have in my life. We are lucky to be with and surrounded by her. Alannah: Accessible, Lovely, Attentive, Nurturing, Necessary, Animated, Heartfelt Happiness”  – Barbie W. (North Shore Stroke Recovery Center member)

“Our daughter came to Alannah as a troubled teenager with dyslexia and an anxiety disorder. She is very bright but very frustrated as her apparatus for reading holds her back. She is also very caring and sensitive.

As part of our daughters therapy she is going to biweekly art sessions with Alannah. Our daughter describes her artwork time as a safe haven from stress thanks to Alannah taking the time to understand her and provide a calming environment through various approaches. Of particular benefit is her breathing and brushstrokes techniques. We noted marked improvements in her confidence and disposition as a direct result of working with Alannah.

We enthusiastically recommend Alannah MacPhail to anyone wanting to help their child achieve a less stressful disposition by successfully managing emotional turmoil with the tools provided by her Art Therapy approach.” – Les and Olga B.

“I loved being creative and, Alannah, your kind delivery of ideas (direction & approach) were so inspiring. There is nothing I would change. I would love to do another workshop – My Body & Creative Heart Needs it so…..”

– Rene (heART & SO(u)LE wkshp)

“I really enjoyed your class. I found that it was a good way for me to focus on something for myself, it inspired me and has helped me get very focused about my goals. I appreciated the new Coast Collective space too.”  – C.L.

“Thanks Alannah for helping me stretch and experiment with Art Journaling.”  – L.B.